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Luxury and Tech - Examining this Convenient Relationship Mar 2019

The relationships between luxury brands and tech have not always been idyllic, even if more and more of them have finally chosen to invest in it.

Brands and Graffiti

Brands and Graffiti: When Art and Luxury Come Together Feb 2019

Loving fashion implies knowing how to play with codes and trends.

Fashion Tech: Forecasting Shortage on the Job Market

Fashion Tech: Forecasting Shortage on the Job Market Feb 2019

Yes, the world is changing. Yes, the technological revolution is gradually but definitely engulfing the fashion world. And yes...

2018 IFA Paris Lookbook

IFA Paris Presents its’ 2018 Lookbook: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology Jan 2019

The fashion industry has undergone profound upheavals over the past 10 years and must face sometimes contradictory transformations: the growth of e-commerce, the importance of social networks that

Gender fluidity

Is Gender Fluidity in Fashion a New Trend? Jan 2019

They would have us believe that gender fluidity is THE new trend, which was recently detected by sociologists. We are not so sure.... what about Coco Chanel and her boyish haircut in the 1920s?